You can create automatic product ads by searching for the product and selecting it in the dashboard. Once you have selected the product, a sidebar menu will appear, in that menu, select "Featured". 

Once you have selected "Featured", numerous options will appear. You can select:

  • Feature template type of either a "Featured" product or a "New Item" (featured items will have a navy flag in the top corner of the ad while new items will have a red flag in the top corner)
  • Input a Start and End Date (optional - if no value is added the featured product will run indefinitely)
  • Input some text to highlight the value
  • Ensure the Price and Sale Price are set correctly
  • Input a size value - if that is not already correct

To see your auto-generated ad, on the side menu, click "Ads" then "Featured Ads". 

Under the Featured Ads page, you'll see all the auto generated ads. You can click on them to see them larger. 

These ads will automatically run on your tablets and TV's in your alloted share of voice. If a user taps on these ads on the tablet, they will automatically be directed to the product details.