• Tablet Enrollment - Canada

    To bring a tablet online in Canada, follow the below instructions: Coordinate rollout with Sellr Team The Sellr Team will need to know where the tablet is going to be installed to set it up to work. This will need to be done prior to enrollment. ... Read More

  • How to Promote Sellr In Store

    With a constantly changing inventory, busy store hours, and training staff - Sellr can become an integral part of your team. Sellr is an up-to-date resource for your staff and customers, instantly enhancing your customer service. Train... Read More

  • Reset Your Scanner

    In the event you experience issues with your barcode scanner, learn how to reset it to its factory settings. Download and print the PDF that includes the reset barcode. Test scan it with the barcode scanner to reset your scanner to its factory default... Read More

  • How to Change the App Settings on the Tablet

    Need to change settings on your tablet? Learn this quick move Tap the top left corner where your store logo is placed 5 times to access the settings. Here you are able to : Sign out of the app Refresh the page Adjust the time in between ads Include... Read More

  • What We Need From You

    To ensure a fast and reliable installation, review this quick article on how to prepare for your Site Survey and Installation. Network Connectivity We will need to obtain information about your store's network connection, WIFI address and password. You... Read More

  • Self-Install Instructions

    Doing it yourself? It's easy! Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure that your Sellr tablets run smoothly. Before you install You have located where your tablets will be mounted and these locations are within 6 feet of a power source. You may... Read More

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