What We Believe

We think shopping in stores needs a boost. That's why we are redefining the physical shopping experience with digital content:

    Engaging shoppers with useful product information

    Providing brands a platform to advertise at the point of selection

    Making distributor products stand out and sell more

    Enabling retailers to improve margins

We make shopping worth the trip.

Our vision is to become the premier smart content delivery platform for brand advertising and product information in brick-and-mortar stores.

Tom Miller

Chairman & CEO

Jeff Toeppner

Chief Customer Officer

Ern Sherman

Retail Relationships

Robin Johnson

Chief Administration Officer

Harry Lee

Business Development

Grant Jackson


How We Got Here

OnCue Technologies, LLC origins began as MB Tech Systems, Inc. in 2003 as a hardware manufacturer of small, customer facing kiosks - today they are called tablets. These shelf edge devices were available in two sizes: 6” and 10” displays. Most of these devices were used by retailers as price checkers, employees check-in kiosks and inventory management terminals.

In 2010, OnCue Technologies, LLC was formed to acquire the assets of MB Tech Systems, Inc. The product range was increased to have 22 hardware products in 6 product families. These products enable solutions providers to use OnCue hardware for any application in a wide range of industries - from retail to healthcare. The devices could accommodate a wide range of operating systems, screen sizes, mounting options and peripherals.

The hardware industry changed forever when Apple, Inc. launched their iPad tablet. Many manufacturers followed suit. We recognized that our industry had changed and that it was time to get out of the hardware manufacturing business. We found a way to leverage our considerable knowledge and relationships in the industry to help us build a new platform.

We decided to focus on one product aisle before expanding to other aisles. To create critical mass in the one product area, we acquired a large database of expert information for wines, beers, and spirits. Now shoppers can scan a beverage, such as a bottle of wine, and learn about the wine, food parings, and etc. In addition, there are cocktail recipes to try. During 2015, OnCue installed several generations of its software solutions at key pilot clients in the adult beverage market.

In 2016, we officially rebranded our product as Sellr. OnCue continues to develop the Sellr software solution making it more engaging and simpler to use.