Getting Started

  • How to Promote Sellr In Store

    With a constantly changing inventory, busy store hours, and training staff - Sellr can become an integral part of your team. Sellr is an up-to-date resource for your staff and customers, instantly enhancing your customer service. Train... Read More

  • Getting Started with Sellr

    Before you get started Competing in the tech-driven retail landscape is a challenge. The Sellr Platform is a user-friendly technology solution that engages your shoppers online and in the aisle to drive traffic and sales. Learn more about how you can sell... Read More

  • Update Business Information

    Details about your business generally stay the same. Sometimes you need to update your logo or change the store hours. You may be expanding and adding more locations. You can easily manage your business information in the dashboard.    Click on... Read More

  • Managing Products in Your Marketing Dashboard

    How to use the Sellr Dashboard to manage your store's products; add, upload, and export products to keep your customers up-to-date. The Dashboard allows you to view and manage your products, reports, and ads. In this article, you will learn how to add... Read More

  • Importing Your Store Inventory

    Learn how to upload a CSV of your store's products to begin generating product-specific content for your store in minutes. To begin, login to your Sellr Dashboard and navigate to the Products tab. This is where you will be able... Read More

  • Customize Your Website

    Learn to create a custom page using a variety of card types to engage your site visitors and prompt customers to take action using a CTA. Whether you're displaying information about your store on your website, sharing cocktail recipes, or adding... Read More

  • Self-Install Instructions

    Doing it yourself? It's easy! Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure that your Sellr tablets run smoothly. Before you install You have located where your tablets will be mounted and these locations are within 6 feet of a power source. You may... Read More

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