Getting Started

  • Setting Up Your Account

    To setup your Sellr Account, you will need to accept the email invitation you were sent.  Find the email from called "Invitation instructions". In that email you will find a link to "Accept invitation". Once you click on that link, you... Read More

  • Managing Products in Your Dashboard

    How to use the Sellr Dashboard to manage your store's products; add, upload, and export products to keep your customers up-to-date. The Dashboard allows you to view and manage your products, reports, and ads. In this article, you will learn how to manage... Read More

  • Importing Your Store Inventory

    Learn how to upload a CSV of your store's products to begin generating product-specific content for your store in minutes.   To begin, login to your Sellr Dashboard and navigate to the Products tab. This is where you will be... Read More

  • How to Promote Sellr In Store

    With a constantly changing inventory, busy store hours, and training staff - Sellr can become an integral part of your team. Sellr is an up-to-date resource for your staff and customers, instantly enhancing your customer service. Train your staff Make... Read More

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