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  • Sellr Mobile App Scanner Not Working?

    There's a simple solution to getting the Sellr mobile app scanner to function. Tap Settings on the phone.  Tap Privacy and then Camera.  Ensure the camera is enabled for the "Sellr Store" app. For more questions, chat with us by clicking the... Read More

  • Managing Featured and Listed Products

    Step-by-step instructions on editing product status in the Sellr Content Library for use across all channels of the Sellr Marketing Platform. You first need the Sellr Mobile App which you can download here or here if you haven't... Read More

  • Adding Products to Your Sellr Website

    Learn to add products to your store's website using the Sellr Mobile App. Step-by-step instructions on scanning, uploading, and publishing. The Sellr Mobile App allows you to seamlessly add products to your website.  You first need the Sellr Mobile... Read More

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