• Publishing Draft Pages

    The status of your website page determines whether it is live or in draft mode. Live/Published: All website pages are automatically published, however, it doesn't necessarily mean the page is on your website. The page will have to be added to that... Read More

  • Using the Tweet Card

    Add the most recent tweets from your store's Twitter. It's a great way to show fresh content.     Drag and drop the Tweet card to the desired location on the page. Hover over the red circle in the top left corner of the card.... Read More

  • Using the Title Card

    The Title Card serves to create a title for the page. You can make it dynamic by using an image as the background. Drag and drop the Title Banner. Hover over the red circle on the top left corner of the card. Select Edit Settings. Check... Read More

  • Using the Columns Card

    The Columns Card is a versatile card to showcase 1 to 3 columns of information - such as multiple locations or featuring various events or sales.    Drag and drop the Columns card where you'd like for it to appear on the page. Hover... Read More

  • Update Your Website Color Palette

    Your website is apart of your brand, which most likely has a set color palette. You can align your website to match exactly to that palette.   First, click on the Website tab. Choose Website Settings. You will see three headings.... Read More

  • Using the Banner Card

    Use the Banner Card to make annoucements and prompt visitors to visit other pages.    Editing the Banner Card Drag and drop the banner card where you would like to place it on the page. You can also move it by hovering over the red... Read More

  • Edit the Search Card

    Show off your inventory. The Search Card on the homepage immediately invites visitors to search your inventory for their favorite products. It only takes a few minutes to customize the card.    Check the Hero Search box to... Read More

  • Adding Videos to Your Sellr Website

    Learn to upload YouTube videos or embed content to your Sellr Website using the Page Builder. Includes accepted embedded formats. You can add a video wherever there is text or an image.  Start on an empty line of text. Click the circle (+) icon that... Read More

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