How to use the Sellr Dashboard to manage your store's products; add, upload, and export products to keep your customers up-to-date.

The Dashboard allows you to view and manage your products, reports, and ads. In this article, you will learn how to manage products and edit your existing products.

More Power, More Control

We've updated Product Management to make it quicker and easier to feature products, both on the tablet and TV's, enabling you upload a CSV to make changes instantly.

Simplified Product Terms

  • Featured - Products that you want distinguished. If you have a tablet, they’ll show up in the first pane and we'll create automatic ads that will run on your tablets & TV's. 
  • Listed - Products will be listed and searchable on your tablet.
  • Unlisted - Products be hidden from your tablet, and you can list them anytime!

Manage Each UPC Individually

Manage UPCs individually to ensure products are marked with the correct size and price. You can search for each product by name or UPC. 

  • Click on the product to edit.
  • Add a Custom Note if you'd like to highlight a "Staff Favorite" or a special discount.
  • Update the SizePrice, and Sale Price.
  • Click Done Editing to close the box.

To Add a Product and Import Entire Inventory CSV Imports

Click here to learn how to add a product or import a CSV from your POS to include your inventory with sizing and pricing