With a constantly changing inventory, busy store hours, and training staff - Sellr can become an integral part of your team. Sellr is an up-to-date resource for your staff and customers, instantly enhancing your customer service.

Train your staff
Make sure every staff member knows how to use the Sellr Tablet. With a few of these tips, your staff can get more done! 

  • Lead customers to use the tablets to find the store's featured products.
  • Demonstrate how to scan their favorite products and then explore based on similar product suggestions and cocktail recipes.
  • Encourage customers to enter their emails and phone numbers to receive product information and cocktail recipes, thereby building your customer database for future marketing campaigns.
  • Share the promotional ads playing on the tablets and digital signage.

Sellr has also inserted slides into the ad rotation which instruct the customers on how to use the Tablet. Currently, there are about 5 different slides in the rotation. This is helpful to engage customers on their own. These ads could also be directed to your digital signage. 

If you want to create signage around the Tablet, please contact Support. We can get you access to our Media Kit where you can access all the graphics and product pictures you need to design your signage.