To ensure a fast and reliable installation, review this quick article on how to prepare for your Site Survey and Installation.

Network Connectivity

We will need to obtain information about your store's network connection, WIFI address and password. You will need a 2.4 Ghz broadband internet connection.

On Site Contacts

We will need a list of necessary contacts with phone numbers for those Managers available during the installation window. 

Site Readiness

  • During your Site Survey please designate to the technician, all shelf locations for tablet installations. We created a tablet template for you to print out. Walk around the store to decide which locations are best for your shelf-mounted tablets.
  • Before the installation, please clear products from installation point to allow technician to work.
  • Have power source identified for tablets. A power outlet will need to be within 6 feet of the tablets. Extension cords can and will be used if an electrical outlet can be reached. 

Receiving Hardware Delivery

Ensure you are able to receive and store installation materials. Each package will contain (3) complete tablet kits for installation. On average, the package is roughly 20" x 14" x 10". A representative must be available to sign for the delivery. 

Please store installation kit in a dry, secured location until a technician arrives to do installation.