The Sellr Platform integrates with a number of POS systems. While data can be manually input or imported via POS, to maximise the value of the Sellr Platform, an automatic data synchronize via API provides the most value.

Sellr can integrate with a number of POS systems. 

POS Systems (via API)

Sellr reads data instantly from POS and automatically updates pricing and inventory. This is the most modern and preferred method for integration. 

Solutions include but not limited to:
BottlePOS (coming soon)


Automated Syncing

Automated syncs allow you to manage your store's products through your POS system, and Sellr will be able to handle the rest - producing the consistent content to your tablets. 

Note: Automated syncs will disable product editing on the dashboard, with the exception of custom notes and shelf tags. This allows the two systems to maintain consistency. 


Manual Import / Export

Products can be exported from any POS system using a CSV format to include UPC and pricing. You can manually import products and pricing into your Sellr account by running a CSV import. Learn more here


Data Fields

Sellr only needs read-only access to a limited subset POS data. We won't be writing any data, just skimming the following fields:

  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • UPC
  • Product Size
  • Produce Price
  • Sale Price
  • Inventory on hand
  • any field that may mark a product as inactive
  • any other fields you might believe the customer will find important in a system like this