Take a Business NAP for SEO

Written by Sellr Team May 02, 2017

Grab Your Keyboard, Not a Pillow

If you have been looking for a quick way to increase your search engine rankings for your retail store, you might want to take a NAP. To do this, don’t grab your pillow. Instead you need to check your business’ Name, Address, and Phone number—the NAP. We are convinced that it’s the most important step in SEO which is why it is the first option for you on getsellr.com. (Really. Go look now or read on. We’ll remind you later.)


The first piece of information you want is the name of your business. If you have changed business names, you might be surprised to learn how many search engines still have you listed under the old business name. This can be a real problem when customers are looking for you as Nancy’s Nutritionals but the search engine being used lists you as Nancy’s Nest, a name you haven’t used in years.


Of course you want your customers to find you which is why your address is important. Like your business name, any change in location needs to be updated with search engines to ensure your customers can find you. Consistency is key here. Be sure that you use the same capitalization, abbreviations, and other information such as building or suite number. As frustrating as it is, in the online world, there is a big difference between 124 Main St. and 124 Main Street. The inconsistencies weaken your search ranking since each variation counts as its own listing.

Phone Number

This one can be tricky. Many businesses have multiple numbers to be more efficient but if the main number for your business varies from search to search, not only is it confusing for anyone trying to reach you, it can also drop your ranking in search engine result pages (yes, that’s the ethereal SERP that your marketing team is talking about).

Keep It Together

The best way to ensure the NAP for your business is to create a NAP record that is used for all online listings. It is a really simple format:

Download our Claim Listing Guide which has NAP information as well as helpful tips about listing your business online. It is a great resource for anyone who manages

Let Us Help

Despite best efforts, sometimes it can be extremely difficult to get consistent business listings. Not only are there a dizzying number of search engines being used for ranking, but the time it takes to update listings can be as long as 90 days. Sellr is happy to help you out. Enter your business name, address, and phone number in our business listing scan at getsellr.com. You will see how your business shows up in searches, the variations, and how to improve your results for free. We can also help you quickly update all your listings at once and continue to grow your online marketing strategy.

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