Digital In-Store Experiences

Written by Sellr Team April 11, 2017

Is Your Store Old School?

Remember grocery shopping with your mom? Walking into the store, seeing aisle after aisle of products, none of them too distinctive. Thankfully your mom had a grocery list that she used to navigate the aisles to pick up cereal, lunch meat, and other items for your home. Today shopping, grocery or otherwise, is very different.

The Modern Market

It is no secret that screens are everywhere these days. If the younger you who went shopping with mom met today you with a smartphone in hand, young you might think today you is the star of some kind of sci-fi TV show that you can’t wait to get out of the A&P to go watch.

Grocery lists are kept in lists in smartphones. Many markets offer online carts where customers can add sale items to their list to remind themselves to pick the items up when they shop. Technology is moving forward in many inventive ways such as beacon shopping where the customer’s phone sends a signal to in-store devices that send advertisements or coupons for the products a customer has listed or buys frequently. This kind of technology is most likely more than you are looking to get into, but the future of digital shopping is exciting.

Brick and Mortar Meets Digital

Retail headlines had been reporting stellar results for online retailers that made local stores feel left behind. The news lately is more promising. Despite being able to purchase online and have products delivered to their doorstep, customers still want the experience of shopping. This means they want to find your store, browse the aisles, pick up and compare products, and walk out with their purchases.

While this is good news for you, it also comes with some considerations. Yes, customers want to shop brick and mortar, but they are still digital consumers. They crave the interactive screens that guide their shopping experience. This means no more vintage, static signs hanging on store shelves; instead customers are drawn to on-shelf signage and in-store kiosks. Large overhead displays that guide them to sale items or promotional displays increase engagement as well.

Lead the Way

Digital signage is the way to provide your customers the digital experience they are looking for in your store. Dynamic shelf displays draw attention to product promotions. Overhead signage helps customers find the products they are looking for. Provide relevant content such as recipes or shopping recommendations with interactive kiosks that mirror the search experience we’ve all come to expect online.

Digital signs help bridge the gap between online experiences that provide guidance and information needed and a brick and mortar shopping experience that lets customers interact and leave with the products they came looking for.

Want to Know More?

This Thursday Sellr President Bruce van Zyl will be sharing more about improving the customer experience using digital signage. You’ll learn that digital signage is a practical way for businesses of every size to gain loyalty by creating a shopping experience that gets your customers the products they want in a modern way. Register now and mark your calendar for Thursday, April 13 at 1 pm EDT. See you there!