Empowering Employees With Digital Signage

Written by Sellr Team April 18, 2017

Digital Employee Empowerment

As a business owner, you want your employees to know as much as possible about the products you sell. What if they could know more? It sounds impossible, but with digital signage, the information your employees need to make a sale could be right in front of them.

Help! I Need Somebody!

It is understandable that your customers expect all your team members to be experts in all things beer, liquor, and wine—but it’s not possible. One look through a craft beer website quickly demonstrates the staggering number of available products and how rapidly newcomers appear. Despite this irrational expectation, it is possible for your employees to use in-aisle kiosks to help customers answer questions and find the right spirit. Guiding the customer through a series of questions that brings up a list of products that meet the customer’s needs takes the pressure to know it all off of your employee and impresses the customer. With that level of knowledge from your team members, the customer will be back! See how one of our clients used digital tablets to help employees provide better customer service.

Breaking News

You may not realize the number of new things that happen in your store because you are in the middle of the action. It only takes one employee coming in after you’ve stocked a new product that a customer is asking for t\o learn how much knowledge you take for granted. Besides new products, you have new promotions and announcing them to your staff may get overlooked. A big, bright overhead sign is the perfect way to confirm that, yes, that popular bottle is on sale this week even if someone on your team wasn’t aware of it. If your customer has come in to find that special (after seeing it online or in a promotional email) and your employee can quickly confirm the price and product, everyone wins.

Added Value

Every store has them, the customer who walks through the door determined to get to the bottle they know they want and get out quickly. These shoppers, while committed, may be missing out the chance to try a new brand or seasonal offering of their preferred product. Shelf-edge displays let your employees tell the customer about these offerings, make them aware of any promotions, and can quickly help them recommend other complimentary products.

Knowledge is Power

You got into the business to build relationships with people who love your product. From the outside there is a lot going on but once you’re on the inside, it is easy to overlook the speed at which changes are made within your store. Digital tablets can give your employees the information they need to share product information about the products you have to offer—even if they haven’t been brought up to speed yet.

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