Mar 23 2018

Dashboard 1.12.0

New Dashboard Homescreen

We designed a new homepage to greet you on the Sellr dashboard. This includes quick links to update your business information, manage products, customize your website, connect social media accounts, and upload custom ads.

Mar 14 2018

Dashboard 1.11.0

New CSV Importer

A completely new CSV importer allowing you to easily map your columns and set rules for automatically unlist, list and feature products.

Additional Updates

  • Added: Ability for store owners to input email addresses for online orders
  • ​Fixed: Issue with bulk editing product status affecting products that were not selected
  • Fixed: Issue in website builder where a website link would go to the wrong URL
  • Fixed: Issue in website builder where product variables would sometimes get lost from the cards
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
Mar 14 2018

Tablet 2.9.4

Play Button Animation

When you click on the play button to listen to the product audio, the play button will animate to show you how much longer is left.

Additional Updates

  • Fixed: Missing prices in product detail title bar
  • Fixed: Issue with logo formatting on emails to shoppers
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements
Feb 28 2018

Dashboard 1.10.7

Inventory Column

Store owners can now see their inventory in the product list and in the product detail. Inventory is a read only field that comes from your POS / CSV import.

Product curation status

See the estimated time of delivery for products that are being curated by our team.

Additional Updates

  • ​Other minor improvements and fixes.
Jan 05 2018

Tablet 2.8.9

Sale Prices Displayed

Sale price now shows on "Browse All Products" view

Additional Updates

  • ​Devices will use store logo when available again
  • Timer will reset so that ads do not play when user is on “Browse All Products” screen
Dec 28 2017

Dashboard 1.9.0

Speed Improvements to Products

We made a number of speed improvements to the products manager page. Saving changes to products should be about 20% of previous save time.

Customized branding for your Store

You can now upload your own store specific logo to be used on your tablets and websites

Additional Updates

  • Fixed a bug where some customers couldn’t edit their homepage or pages with products
  • Fixed a bug where some customers couldn’t save their pages
  • Number of “behind the scenes” improvements to make website editing more reliable
Dec 22 2017

Tablet 2.8.8

New Product Filters

You can now filter products based on food pairing and flavor profiles!

Additional Updates

  • Improved: Faster product pages
  • Improved: New loading screen to automatically sign-in your device
  • Added ability to use store logo for stores with different logos for different locations
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Dec 15 2017

Tablet 2.8.7

View All

Issues with "View All" products/cocktails freezing are resolved

Price Display

Prices appear on product detail page again

Additional Updates

  • Overall device speeds increased
Dec 06 2017

Tablet 2.8.5

Cocktail Images

Issue with some cocktail images not displaying thumbnails fixed

Product Not Found Screen Reload

Product not found will auto-return to home screen after 10 seconds

Ad Play Metrics

Ad play count and average ads/hour displays in dashboard

Additional Updates

  • ​Previously selected product detail does not show on screen while loading
  • Font size increased 25%
  • Navigation between browse to product detail is fixed

Nov 17 2017

Tablet 2.8.3

In-App Auto Refresh

App will not auto-refresh after 1 hour

Additional Updates

  • ​New product loading screen
  • Scanning interrupts screen saver (just like touching the screen)

Nov 14 2017

Tablet 2.8.2

Custom Style Application

App will not try to apply custom style

Nov 14 2017

Tablet 2.8.1

Device Detection

Detection of tablets to serve correctly sized ad images across all devices

Additional Updates

  • ​Sizes and prices of product shown in header of selected products
  • Show Cocktail toggle fixed to correctly toggle whether cocktails should be shown
Aug 11 2017

Production Release v1.4.0

Mobile App Update

The Sellr Mobile App received a big update with a new look and feel. Analytics and reporting were added to the home screen along with a change to the app navigation. The UPC barcode scanner can also be accessed from the product category page for quick adding of new products.

Tablet Functionality Update

The browse products screen now has the ability to apply advanced filters on the tablet.

Additional Updates

  • Fixed: Store Owner - Switching accounts didn’t always switch analytics information.
  • Improved: Store Owner - Analytics boxes will show prompt if not connected.
  • Improved: Search highlight text is now Sellr Green instead of blue.
Jul 28 2017

Production Release v1.3.9

Updated Product Grid

Includes advanced filtering and a design update to the product grid on customer websites.

Additional Updates

  • ​Fixed: Reset password issues.
  • Fixed: Better Google Analytics and Facebook analytics connections.
  • Improved: Updated intercom chat icon.
  • Improved: Fixed styling for no results found for store owner search.
  • Improved: Added “Mead” and “Rosé” categories.
  • Misc bugs / improvements
Jul 18 2017

Production Release v1.3.8

Browser Compatibility

Improved cross browser compatibility with Edge, IE11, Firefox

Additional Updates

  • Fixed: Google analytics account connection issue.
  • Fixed: Calendar dropdown functionality on analytics page.
  • Fixed: Added “No Results Found” text to add product search.
  • Improved: New products added will be highlighted.
  • Misc bugs / improvements
Jul 10 2017

Tablet 2.7.20

Product Merge

Products now update with prices and property values

Alternate Product Types

Product editor allows alternate product types

Additional Updates

  • New email template
  • Filtering updated
Jul 07 2017

Dashboard Release v1.3.7

Add and remove UPC's

You can now add and remove UPCs from product edit screen.

Select multiple categories

You can now assign products to multiple categories.

Additional Updates

  • Fixed issue related to image uploading in the page builder.
  • Fixed issue related to seeing closed pages.
  • Fixed issues related to changing a product plan.
  • ​Misc bugs / improvements
Jun 30 2017

Dashboard Release v1.3.6

New Bulk Editing

You can now bulk edit products. Add tags, remove products

New Facebook Integration

You can connect your Facebook account & track likes for your page

New Twitter Integration

Track total twitter followers from your Sellr Dashboard

New Mailchimp Integration

Track total email subscribers from your Mailchimp account

Faster Product Loading

Products list page now loads 5-10 x faster

Additional Updates

  • ​Misc bugs / fixes
Jun 14 2017

Mobile App v1.1.13

New Live Updates

Get the latest version every time you open the app.

Additional Updates

  • Added 1L size as option for sizes
  • Fixes to include more UPC’s when using the scanner
  • Fixed issue with asking for product image on add product when product exists.
  • Fixed issue where sizes dropdown could be blank
Jun 08 2017

Dashboard v1.3.1

Add Products from Dashboard

You can now add a product to your account by clicking the "add product" and searching for a product using the title or UPC of the product.

New Chat Service

Chat with your Sellr marketing professional inside the dashboard by clicking the help icon in the bottom right. Your chat history is stored so you always have access to previous requests.

New Blog Feature

Manage your blog posts from Sellr Dashboard. Talk to your marketing professional for more information.

Updated Look & Feel

Updated new look and feel throughout the dashboard.

Additional Updates

  • User can click button to preview website from page builder
  • Fixed issue where updates to website pages weren’t saved
  • Fixed issue where ads in the Ad Manager would move around randomly
  • Fixed issues with users updating their profile
Jun 02 2017

Mobile App v1.1.11

Scan to add any Product

You can now scan any type of product not just beer, wine, or spirits with the Sellr mobile app. Scan a UPC and it will be added to your list of featured items in your account.

Additional Updates

  • Removed legacy Shoppr ordering info
  • Misc bugs / fixes