Using Interactive Tablets for Employee Education

Written by Renee Clare-Kovacs November 07, 2017

In-Aisle Tablets Aren’t Just for Shoppers

Tis the season: limited edition products, traditional favorites flying off the shelves, and temporary employees alongside your regular staff to help meet the Christmas shopping rush. It’s a lot to manage during the most wonderful time of the (retail) year. Digital tablets may sound like one more thing to incorporate into the mayhem, but if used well, tablets can be the solution to streamlining your holiday customer engagement.

Regular Employees

Knowing what is in stock is a tall order from January through October. Do you know how many SKUs you have on your shelves at this moment? Are you sure that the box you ordered in September is still in stock? Chances are you aren’t. Stock rotates in and out of your store so quickly. Each new shipment brings a change in your store. Interactive tablets let your employees know what is available to your shoppers through a quick product search.

During the holidays, suppliers are sending new and limited edition offerings. It isn’t a surprise for a seasoned retailer to see a new product on the shelf--and not know about it. In-aisle tablets are a great way to find out what the new item is and has to offer. Scanning the SKU on the tablet brings up helpful product knowledge from the basics like product name and features to in-depth information such as pairings or reviews.

Photo by Roman Pohorecki from Pexels

Whether it is a time-honored favorite or a seasonal product, the holidays are the best time for your shoppers to get creative! Interactive tablets help store employees learn about unique combinations of old and new that will make customers the hit of the holiday season and drive your upsell to new levels.

Seasonal Employees

The use of interactive tablets to keep employees up to speed during the holidays assumes and existing understanding of how your store works. Santa’s helpers, your holiday help, need training to know what kinds of items you offer and how to make recommendations. The product knowledge that interactive tablets offer provide them the education they need to provide the extra sales support you hired them for. Tablets give seasonal employees the information they need to help shoppers when a regular employee cannot be there to help them.

You want all of your employees, regular and seasonal, to instill confidence in your shoppers, of course. Tablets allow temporary employees who are learning the ropes to bring the customer into the shopping experience, acting as a partner in the process. By showing customers how the tablets work, your seasonal staff give confidence to the customer that they, too, can be the kind of product expert the employee is becoming.

Bring Them In

Studies show that shoppers want to be involved in their retail experience, it is what sets shopping at a local business different than buying online. In-aisle, interactive tablets allow your employees to bring customers into the shopping experience. The ability for tablets to give all employees, regular and seasonal, the information they need to make recommendations and help shoppers be the holiday hero sets the customer experience that leads to loyalty. The consumer confidence in you to be the go-to, local expert in the area is the holiday gift that gives through the new year.

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Renee Clare-Kovacs is the Content Marketing Strategist at Sellr. She is passionate about creating digital marketing strategies that help business owners develop successful relationships with customers and vendors.