Learn to create a custom page using a variety of card types to engage your site visitors and prompt customers to take action using a CTA.

Whether you're displaying information about your store on your website, sharing cocktail recipes, or adding an email signup form, the Sellr page builder is highly customizable for any kind of content. When you build a page, you'll begin with a starter layout or a blank slate. Starter layouts will provided for you when your account has been set up. 




In this article, you will learn how to build a basic home page using the Default Banner 1.0 card and Text Card 1.0. The home page can share information like how awesome you are. You can also share logistical information like store hours, location, and contact information. Hover over any page and click Edit. Read more about page settings here.


You can start your own page by clicking on Add Page button in the top right corner of the Website tab. 

Types of Cards
You can customize your page with a variety of cards. There are multiple cards for different purposes. 

  • CTA - CTA stands for Call to Action. Prompt visitors to take action, like signing up for a newsletter or visiting a page

  • Default Banner 1.0 - All-purpose, with options to include text, call to action buttons, images, and videos
  • Header- Typically featured at the top of your page with photos and limited text to add personality and to introduce what is featured on that page.
  • Text Card 1.0 - All purpose, with a mix of text, images, and videos

Add Card
You can add more cards to create a custom look and feel. 

  • Drag and drop a card.
  • To duplicate a card, hover over the top Left Menu and click Duplicate Card.
  • Click to learn how to add a photo and video for a more dynamic page.

Tip: Play around with the order of the cards. You'll be surprised at how many ways to make your page visually striking and dynamic! This Events page is a combination of Text Card 1.0 and Default Banner 1.0.


Move a Card
To move a card, hover over the top Left Menu icon of the card you'd like to move. Drag the card to its new location while holding down the Move icon.

Delete a Card
To delete a card, hover over the top left Menu button and click Remove Card.

Publish Your Page
Remember to Save Changes. When you are done editing, Save and Exit. 

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