ALPHARETTA, Ga., April 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- BevTV, the largest digital ad network in the adult beverage industry, is proud to announce its new partnership with Sellr, a leading technology solution that engages shoppers online and in the aisle to drive traffic and sales.

BevTV is a powerful new ad channel that provides brand marketers with an effective, measurable way to engage consumers during the decision-making process and increase brand loyalty. BevTV enables brands to leverage existing advertising material and enhance the experience for shoppers in the aisle with branded cocktail recipes, promotional videos, and engaging product education. The dynamic content draws in shoppers to learn more about product choices at the point of purchase, when it matters most.

"By pairing BevTV with Sellr, we can provide the adult beverage industry with a powerful tool that bridges the knowledge gap between consumers and products as they shop," said Lance Campbell, BevTV's Vice President of Brand Sales.

Sellr President Bruce van Zyl agreed. "This partnership is focused on making the shopping experience as seamless as possible," said van Zyl. "When customers shop online, they have so much information available to them about products. Our mission is to bring that online experience  to the aisle."

BevTV benefits brands, shoppers, and retailers. Brands receive analytics for smarter targeting and connect directly with customers in the aisle. Shoppers feel confident about their informed purchasing decisions, and retailers enjoy an upgraded in-store shopping experience.


About Sellr

Sellr is a digital marketing platform developed by OnCue Technologies, LLC, an Alpharetta, Georgia based company founded in 2003. Sellr provides software and digital marketing support for businesses to make promoting products simple. To learn more, visit

About BevTV

BevTV is a beverage-focused ad channel for brands to target their audience with engaging and interactive content in store aisles, right at the point of decision. BevTV is the largest digital ad network in the beverage industry, with access to over 1,000+ devices across US and Canada with an engaged and attentive targeted audience. Visit Bev.TV to learn more.