Your Store is a Labyrinth

Written by Renee Clare-Kovacs March 09, 2017

Purposeful Navigation

When a customer comes through your door, they know what they are looking for. Question is, do they know where to find it? The customer’s ability to find what they are looking for will set the tone for the entire visit and perhaps future visits.

Don’t Puzzle

It’s great to have a large offering of beer, wine, and spirits, it’s what customers expect from you. It can also be overwhelming. A customer coming in for a specific bottle will know where, in general, to look in your store. Someone coming in to pick up something for a friend might be confused about where to look, what price point they are looking at, or simply where the bottle is.

Don’t Frustrate

When a customer comes in with a list of items needed for a recipe, the chances are that they are on a mission-critical deadline like the big game or a patio party. They don’t have time for a cross-store scavenger hunt for grenadine.

Lead the Way

Of course you can’t set up your store based on each customer’s wants and needs, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult either. Distinctive signage can help make the search simple. Clearly label your categories, wine, spirits, and beer, then subcategorize them, white, red, gin, vodka, tequila, craft, IPA, PBR. Make sure each of your employees knows these areas well so they can point your customer in the right direction and remove any confusion.

Empower each employee to have a specialty. Encourage them to learn more about a particular beverage, brewer, or brand. Make sure all employees know one another’s specialty and can point customers in the right direction when looking for recommendations.

And, of course we’re biased, but we think that in-store tablets are the best way to guide your customers through their shopping experience. Tablets make recommendations, provide tasting notes and recipes, and can guide shoppers to the right location in your store removing the barriers and creating an outstanding shopping experience.

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Renee is the Digital Content Strategist at Sellr. She is passionate about helping businesses maximize their presence through digital marketing, employee and customer advocacy.