Springtime of Renewal

Written by Renee Clare-Kovacs April 14, 2017

Everything is Renewed!

It’s springtime. At our weekly team meeting, someone pointed out that the new leaves on the trees are a fresh green. Welcome spring!

It cannot go without mention that Saturday is Tax Day either.

Both spring and Tax Day are times of reflection and renewal—about spending habits and other areas of contemplation. The same is true here at Sellr. We’ve taken a retrospective look at our product offerings and what our customers ask to create a new program that moves our mission to provide retailers with a powerful technology ecosystem that engages their customers in the aisle and markets featured products.

What Does That Mean?

We’ve been happy to build a suite of products to market beverage stores. Sellr websites give customers an online interactive experience to drive them to your store. Once in the store, digital signage promotes specials and engages the customer in a way that mirrors the online experience. All of this is easily managed with the Sellr app that turns your smartphone into a product promotion powerhouse that scans products to be loaded to your digital signage and website quickly and easily.

We are proud of these products and their ability to help retailers engage customers but even our best customers have asked for marketing advice that goes beyond our products. They are taking note of the important role social media, paid advertising, and digital marketing play in a successful marketing strategy.

To that end, we are happy to announce that we now offer concierge marketing services that include our Sellr websites and digital signage, still powered by the Sellr app but now with services that maximize the products themselves giving your digital footprint.

How Do I Get Started?

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out our subscription-based services. If you would like to get started, visit https://getsellr.com/ and use the business listing scanner. The scanner will show you inaccuracies and inconsistencies in your online listings which can prevent you from being seen in online searches when your customers are looking for you.

Once you are scanned, we will contact you to discuss your needs and how our traditional products as well as our new marketing concierge can help meet your marketing goals.

What About My Agency?

If you have other online marketing services, do not fear—we are not out to replace them. We can use the creative assets you have alongside the 60k+ UPCs available in the Sellr database to get your promotions in front of the right audience.

We are excited to be able to take the feedback we’ve received throughout the winter and create a renewed service program that uses our core products to do the heavy lifting of digital marketing for you.

By using our knowledge of digital marketing and technology and your expertise in your business, we are confident that we can maximize your “green” this summer!

Renee is the Marketing Manager at Sellr. She is passionate about creating digital marketing strategies that help business owners develop successful relationships with customers and vendors.