Sellr Event—What a Night!

Written by Sellr Team June 12, 2017

​New Week, New Perspective

The Sellr team came back to the office this morning filled with ideas and insight from Thursday’s “Technology in Beverage” event at Atlanta Tech Village. We used the weekend to absorb the awesome feedback we received about the new Sellr Marketing Platform and are ready to start taking on the list—after some coffee.

Thank You

The night was meant to be a celebration—and it was. We were able to take a moment to look at what we’ve built the last 12 months . The Enomatic wine station was rosy (and white), our signature cocktails were a hit, and the local brews from Monday Night and Sweetwater were flowing. We were also able to celebrate our beverage partners and local client, Mac’s Beer and Wine who has an updated website you have to see. These partners have taught us so much and gotten us to where we are now. We are incredibly thankful for the feedback they provided last night and through the past years as they’ve grown with us.

Let’s Do It Again!

When you have a stellar night, you want to do it again. But, around here we party when we work hard. We’ve worked hard to get the Sellr Marketing Platform ready for you, but we have a realistic view and know that there will be improvements and changes to be made—growth always seems to come with some growing pains.

We talked to a bunch of new business owners and marketers last night. We’re excited to partner with them to help their businesses grow. Next time (next year?) we’ll meet back up to celebrate what is coming.

If it’s anything like what we have already accomplished, it’ll be epic. We can’t wait!

Did you miss the event and want to get started with on the Marketing Platform? You need to see this.

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