How is Marketing Like Traffic?

Written by Renee Clare-Kovacs April 27, 2017

Traffic is Horrible in Atlanta

For those who don’t know, Sellr is located in Atlanta. Traffic here is always bad but a recent fire that took out 60 feet of interstate really has us confounded. We are having to learn new ways to the same places: work, the local retailers, and Atlanta Braves games.

Thankfully we have GPS systems that are doing a decent job of rerouting us, but we are going through some new and unfamiliar territory on our journies.

New Drive, New Search

For many of us, the detour in our lives has taken us out of the path of our favorite places. We are online searching for a place to get coffee, pick up groceries, and, yes, even pick up a bottle of wine on the new way home.

You never know what will drive your traffic. Download our Claim Listing Guide to get started optimizing your local search results.

If your digital marketing is done right, chances are you will be in the right place at the right time when life makes other plans for your customers. No one likes change, but sometimes it is the way we find our new favorite things.

Get in the Driver’s Seat

If you don’t know how your store appears in an online search, you are already stuck. The difference between a new customer finding you or driving by could rest in the difference between Street and St. in the search results for your business. It really is as important as that. We have an easy-to-use listing tool on our homepage,, that will help you find the inconsistencies in your search listings that could be costing you business. Even if you think you are up to date with your listings, run your store and address through the tool—you may be surprised.

Don’t Break Down

Your customer is like a car, ready to go someplace. Your business is the place you want them to go. The online search results for your business are the expressways and roads that will help your customer get to your business. Like Atlanta traffic, you can’t afford to be missing pieces that cause the car to find another route.

Renee is the Content Marketing Manager at Sellr. She is passionate about creating digital marketing strategies that help business owners develop successful relationships with customers and vendors.