Introducing the Sellr Marketing Platform

Written by Sellr Team June 20, 2017

Hi. We’re Sellr.

We’ve been Sellr since we started, so why are we introducing ourselves? We’re glad you asked. While we’ve always been Sellr, what Sellr is has changed.

We’ve grown into this new version. Many things have stayed the same. We’re proud of what we’ve built and the results they’ve brought to beverage stores. We’re also excited about the improvements that allow us to grow into new retail markets, letting these new industries rely on the content we curate and the technology we’ve incorporated to make marketing simple.

What’s the Same?

Our current customers will recognize many of the same features they’ve come to appreciate in the Sellr Marketing Platform. The Sellr App is still the same in-hand promotion powerhouse that lets you manage and promote product information for the SKUs in your store.

We have built our name in the beverage industry by connecting beverage store owners and marketers with a database of 70,000 SKUs for beers, wines, and spirits. That database is still accessible for all those bottles, but we have grown the database into the nutritional space with 30,000 supplements, increasing our SKU count to nearly 110,000 unique products.

The curated content for these 110k SKUs can be used on business websites and in-store digital signage easily from the Sellr App.

So, as you can see, there is a lot you already know about Sellr.

What Changed?

It’s not a change so much as an expansion. By increasing the capabilities of the Sellr App, businesses can share product content on websites and digital signage, and on Facebook and Instagram. This expansion allows you to create an omnichannel marketing experience in which promotions for your store are shared to your website, social media, digital signage, and interactive signage so that no matter where your customer sees your message, online or in store, their experience will be the same.

Sellr has learned the importance of social media marketing to the customer experience. Your customers are on these social media platforms making it easier to connect with them there. Social media marketing has a steep learning curve and requires a time commitment that we know can be difficult for businesses to maintain. Sellr Marketing Professionals are available to help you navigate the complexity of social media marketing using the contents of your existing website and/or digital signage.

We know that measuring your investment is important which is why we’ve updated the Sellr Dashboard to show metrics that are important to your marketing. You will be able to monitor Facebook and Instagram engagement at-a-glance, decide what to post, and promote your posts from inside your Sellr Dashboard.

Hi. We’re Sellr (Again)

A reboot or v2 of the Sellr platform isn’t the right thing to say when what we’ve done is improved what we started. The upgrades allow us to continue to grow into new industries, simplifying marketing for beverage store owners and nutrition retailers. Over the coming weeks, we will take in-depth looks at each feature of the platform to introduce you to the Sellr Marketing Platform.

Can’t wait to see it all? Schedule a demo now!