If You Install Digital, They Will Come

Written by Sellr Team April 25, 2017

Laying a Foundation

Installing digital displays is a relatively new idea, unheard of in the time of the movie title reference of this blog. The movie, Field of Dreams, came out in 1989, a simpler time when the most sophisticated way to use signage was to put a clever saying using sign lettering on your business sign.

Marketing today begins online. Customers need to see your business at this initial touchpoint be it a pop up in Waze or your website through a Google search. When they arrive, they expect that online experience will translate into your aisles.

The start of any solid building is a foundation so let us lay down some numbers*:

  • Digital signs capture 400% more attention than traditional static displays
  • Digital signs boost customer satisfaction by 46%
  • Use of digital displays increases the average purchase amount by 29.5%
  • Digital displays have shown a 31.8% increase in overall sales volume

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First Level

Customer satisfaction and increased sales numbers like that should have you excited to get digital displays in your store. We definitely want to help, but remember, we’re building here, you need to take it step by step in order to see the best results.

In order to have success, you need to define success. What do you want to achieve with your digital signs? This can determine the type of signage you need. If you are looking to prominently display your promotions, overhead signage can do the trick. If you want to educate consumers at the point of sale, in-aisle tablets are the answer. These tools get a job done, but what kinds of measures will make you happy about your return on investment in your digital signs? Increased traffic? Inventory movement? Customer education? Determining your success measures is not a simple task—but it’s an important one.

Second Level

Unlike the Field of Dreams, if you put them out, the customers won’t just come. You need to put something on them. The good news here is that the content you have to display is as vast and varied as the number of products you have to offer. Spotlight a product alongside recent good reviews. Pop up a promotion. Encourage customers to sign up for your mailing list. Because digital signs are easily updated, the opportunities to display just the right message at the right time are endless.

Finer Points

Anyone who has been a part of building something knows that there are a bunch of seemingly small considerations that lead to overall enjoyment. The same goes for digital signs. Keep in mind the following as they will help determine the right signage for you:

  • Location—will it be sunny, humid, or bright? Could placement hinder traffic flow?
  • Use—will people be interacting with the signage or not?
  • Run time—how long will your signs be turned on and in use?

Come Together

Once you have your digital signage plan built, you can test your measures to see how it is working for you. Don’t rush this. Success takes time. Continue to try new messaging, moving your signs, and other tricks to get the performance you want from your digital marketing tools.

Learn more about building digital signage into your store at our webinar Thursday. We’ll talk about the questions asked in this blog to help you find the answers that work for you. Click here to register now.

*Source: https://nmgprod.s3.amazonaws.com/media/filer_public/8a/85/8a856d42-40ca-47ee-b2c6-7cfb68bbb60a/mvix-asset-digital-signage-statistics-infographic.pdf